Jessica came to yoga towards the end of her collegiate soccer career looking for a way to deal with injuries and to speed the healing process during the off season.  She immediately noticed a difference and began to equate the increased strength and flexibility gained in yoga with less physical pain and increased quality of life. 

Over time, yoga has grown from something done as an adjunct to training as a soccer player and then competitive triathlete, to a practice that fulfills both her athletic and spiritual needs.  While Jessica's initial interest in yoga was rooted in the Ashtanga tradition, over the years her passion has become a simple fascination with movement of all kinds and continued understanding and exploration of the human body.  She finds the fluidity, grace and freedom of the Vinyasa yoga practice to be a source of endless creativity and limitless potential to explore the way that human bodies move through space. 

Jessica completed both the 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs at North Shore Yoga in Northfield, IL. 

She teaches both group classes and individual private sessions throughout the Chicago area as well as a yearly yoga retreat with seasoned teacher Jenny Kaufman.  More information:

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